PITMATIC:~ Dialect of English used throughout mining communities in Northern England, colloquially known as YAKA

Yaka Clothing is an independent clothing brand forged out of the darks of a working class coal mining village in North East England

The man behind the brand (Dean) has put the brand together through his proud heritage of a hard working coal mining family and his love and passion for clothing. Deans working background comes from his time spent working as a tool maker which has lead him to pay extra attention to detail not only in engineering but also when it comes to the finest details in the brands products.

Yaka Clothing aims to produce the highest quality products which will leave a lasting impact for years to come. We are a working class brand with working class prices. We work with manufactures within Britain but are also proud to work with leading manufactures around the world to boost our portfolio and climb to the top of the independent clothing line ladder.

Working Class Smart. Modernism. We're Than Just A Brand, It's A Way Of Life 

Yaka Clothing

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